Meet a geographer

People who have studied geography are highly sought after in a wide range of careers for the special skills and knowledge they bring. In this section you can read about the interesting and rewarding careers in which people who have studied are employed.

Working outdoors

Geographers have a passion for field work and it is not surprising that many of the most satisfying careers for geographers involve some or all of their work time in the outdoors.

Working indoors

Working with data gathered from natural and built environments, people with geographical training work in many types of occupations located principally indoors.

Helping people

Some of the most rewarding and satisfying careers focus on helping to improve the quality of life and well-being of others.

Environmental care

Making a contribution to the care and management of the environment is a hallmark of the work of geographers.

Sharing knowledge

Geographers have a passion for sharing their knowledge of the world with others through formal and informal education.

Undertaking research

Research is essential to ensure that people's use and management of environments is done in a sustainable manner.